Run by Princeton University students.  

  Serving Trenton young musicians.  

Cindy Escobar

"The Trenton Youth Orchestra has been by far one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had within the music field. I will forever be grateful for the work this program has put into helping my friends and I grow and learn with our instruments and for always caring for us and creating such beautiful memories that I will forever cherish!"

Melki Garcia-Perez

“My time in the Trenton Youth Orchestra and the day of the concert are my favorite memories. The concert gave me the
confidence to play in front of crowds even if I mess up. Basically, it gave me what I needed to keep moving forward with music.”

Grace Mitchell

“To say that I had an experience in the Trenton Youth Orchestra would be an understatement. From the day I joined, I felt at home. Every practice brought something new to the table. TYO has changed my life in no way other than for the better, and has  shaped me into a new person I wouldn’t be without it.”

Nayely Rivas

"Since joining the Trenton Youth Orchestra, I’ve learned new techniques, skills, and strategies to playing the violin and don’t regret doing it. Even though the songs looked difficult, the coaches pushed me to try my best and over time I watched myself grow and I enjoyed it very much. TYO is my string family.”